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Jonathan "Hendo" Henderson Community Builder Scholarship
Blues Muse 2024
Scholarship Closes July 31st

This scholarship is in honor of Hendo, a shining light in our community who passed away too soon. Hendo was a teacher and an organizer in his DC dance community, and an avid social dancer who could energize an entire floor with his dancing. We miss his presence on our dance floor.


We offer these scholarships to acknowledge and honor individuals who have shown a commitment to building community, increasing access to knowledge, and inspiring others to learn, teach, DJ, or dance. Our goal is to provide access to continued learning at Blues Muse to individuals who dedicate their time and energy to this community who might not otherwise have the resources to attend our event.

Scholarship Details

We are excited to announce that we have 4 scholarships available this year. Each scholarship includes one full weekend pass to Blues Muse 2024.

We are seeking excited dancers with a drive to share their passion! Eligible dancers are:

  • Passionate individuals with less than 4 years of blues dancing experience or;

  • Organizers and scene builders who donate their time to maintain their local scenes or;

  • Aspiring individuals who are working to organize, teach, compete, perform, or DJ.

Black People and People of Color will be prioritized, along with other marginalized groups whose socioeconomic status may be tied to systematic oppression in the United States. In order to build Black leadership in our scene we are specifically interested in supporting Black organizers. If you are unsure if this description fits you but still feel that there are economic barriers to your attendance please feel free to reach out to us directly at, we want you here and would love to talk about ways we can make that happen.

To apply please submit our application, which includes several multiple choice and short answer questions that will help us understand how you have dedicated time to your blues dancing community and how you build relationships and community on or off the dance floor.

If you want to support these scholarships please donate

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