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Your pass grants you exclusive access to:

  • Pre-recorded online classes

  • Classes that will be taught virtually the weekend of Muse

  • Panels and Lectures with our Instructors

  • A track specifically tailored to Organizers

  • Most pre-recorded classes and recordings of synchronous classes will be available until November 9th, 2020*

Your pass will also help us pay for these public events:

  • Live streams of local bands tailored for our dance needs

  • A radio stream of our DJs so we can dance together while apart

  • A public Panel discussion about Leading and Following in Blues, followed by two round tables

*Ask Me Anything talks will not be recorded and Jenny Sowden's classes will only be available until October 18th, 2020

This year Blues Muse is offering sliding scale pass prices! We need your help to make this event financially accessible for everyone. If you can pay a bit more, your generosity will be paid forward to those who self-select our Clio Subsidized pass and those applying for our scholarships. Please consider paying the highest price that you can afford for Blues Muse 2020. We know that this year has been a strange and uncertain landscape for a lot of our community members financially and we want to make sure as many people can participate as possible while still paying our instructors, DJs, and bands for their time and their skills. Dancers who are able to purchase a Euterpe Community Supporter or Calliope Super Community Supporter pass will be our muses and open the door for others to come dance with us!

Calliope Super Community Supporter: $120

We call upon the Muse of Epic Poetry... will you help us weave an epic and lift up those members of our community who have less? Your additional funds will help us pay our instructors for their efforts to craft virtual classes just for us.

Euterpe Community Supporter: $100

We call upon the Muse of Music... will you help us sing a song and lift up those members of our community who need financial assistance to attend? Your additional funds will help us support local Philly Blues Bands.


Terpsichore Standard: $80

We call upon the Muse of Dance... will you join us in celebrating our inspirations and expressing ourselves in the partnership of dance? If every attendee were asked to pay the same price for our event to break-even this would be the cost.

Clio Subsidized: $40

We call upon the Muse of History... will you join us in learning and connecting to our roots? There will be a limited number of subsidized passes based on the number of community supporters and super community supporters we have, so please seriously consider the other pass prices before opting for the Clio pass. If this price still presents a barrier to your attendance consider applying for our scholarships, volunteering, or email us at, we want you (yes, you) to be able to attend!

Passes for Virtual Blues Muse 2020

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