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It Could Be You!

We are looking to hire two to three DJs at $50 per DJ hour for a minimum of 3 hours. We are offering free housing with local dancers for yourself and potential travel buddies, transportation while in Philly, and a travel stipend up to $200.

We're excited to hear from all of you!

Application Opens 3/17/2020 and Closes 4/7/2020 at midnight

Your staff this year:
Alexis McKenna, DJ Coordinator
Paul Loschak, Head DJ

Genevieve Senechal, Blues Muse Core Committee

Miryam Coppersmith, Blues Muse Core Committee

Nick Jones, Blues Muse Core Committee

Paul Loschak, Head DJ

Paul Loschak (known as "DJ Loveschak" at weekly Boston dances) has been dancing and DJing the blues for years. Paul regularly DJs at Boston blues dance venues and has also DJ'd at events, exchanges, and local weekly dances across North America and Europe. His collection of tunes is both broad and deep, spanning many genres and many blues dances. His library is jam packed with musically inspiring tunes for sparking dancers' creativity and encouraging leads and follows to collaborate in each dance. Paul is excited to be a part of the Blues Muse musical team this year.