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Paul Loschak

Paul Loschak (known as "DJ Loveschak" at weekly Boston dances) has been dancing and DJing the blues for years. Paul regularly DJs at Boston blues dance venues and has also DJ'd at events, exchanges, and local weekly dances across North America and Europe. His collection of tunes is both broad and deep, spanning many genres and many blues dances. His library is jam packed with musically inspiring tunes for sparking dancers' creativity and encouraging leads and follows to collaborate in each dance. Paul is excited to be a part of the Blues Muse musical team this year - in person!

Charlley Ward.jpg

Charlley Ward

Charlley ("Pops") Ward loves the Blues. He has played the music for half a century, making the semifinals of the International Blues Challenge twice. He has danced Blues for six years and DJed it for five. He’s a regular DJ for his home scene, RDU Blues in Durham NC, and he’s also played his eclectic selection of Black American music at Brickyard Blues in Atlanta, Mile High Blues in Denver and Take My Hand Blues in DC, (where he also performed live.) He aired a weekly internet radio show “I Wish I Could Dance Blues Friday” for Ujima Blues Foundation, during the pandemic in 2020.  He looks forward to sharing his music at Blues Muse 2022!


Susan Olson

Susan loves many different kinds of blues music, but there are special places in her heart for ballroom blues, badass female singers, and funky rhythms. She has deejayed at North Star Blues, Sweet Molasses Blues, bluesSHOUT!, Blues Muse, BluesGeek and numerous other events in addition to frequent local dances in her home scene of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Susan enjoys nothing more than keeping people up past their bedtimes dancing to amazing music and can’t wait to be back home behind the DJ table. 

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