Montreal, Quebec

Natalya Alissa

The music. 
The full presence that comes from being wrapped up in a dance, the connection to my own body, the connection with other people, the ability to express myself through movement and be moved by music in the moment.  

Austin, Texas

Olivia Hillmer

At last year's Blues Muse masters class, a fellow participant described my dancing as "fearless." I've never felt more seen as a dancer! I love to find movement that showcases trust and delight in my own body, drawing on the way blues musicians emphasize the same in their music and lives.

Boston, Massachusetts

Shira Hoffman

I first fell in love with Blues for the subtle partnered connection and freedom of expression I found within the Blues Idiom dances. As I dove deeper into the history and culture of Blues, I was drawn to the often dual nature of the music which can be simultaneously joyous and sorrowful. This inherent complexity and contradiction is at the core of my love for Blues music and dancing.

Chicago, Illinois

Sarah Lokay

Blues is one of those things that reaches into the core of you and leaves it marks in ways you don't expect. It's vulnerability and expression and so much history and is a music that puts words and sounds to feelings that don't always have them. The sound, the heart, the passion is part of what inspires me to move, to share, to push myself both in my dance and in my own growth on and off the floor. As a dancer, I believe my identity has been centered around connection, strength, and honesty. My best dances come when my partner and I are genuine with each other, when we play and feel and trust to create something unique together in that moment. I have found my strength in dance, in movement and pushing my body, my body awareness, and control. I've found much of my found family in dance, even as we drift in and out of the event orbit. Each of these things makes up a piece of my identity as a blues dancer: a friend, an organizer, a competitor, a teacher. I love this dance, I love moving to this music and learning about the history and honoring the culture. It's why I keep coming back.

New York, New York

Shoshi Krieger-Joven

What moves me the most about blues are the rhythmic and emotional complexities in each song. Those complexities and that interplay allow me to connect my emotional and intellectual selves in really satisfying and interesting ways.

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