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Muse Team



Core Committee, Marketing

Genevieve stumbled into blues dancing in 2012 at Oberlin College and can't seem to stop. She was invited to start organizing with Yale Swing, Fusion, and Blues in 2015 and has now fully committed to the Organizer Life with Powerhouse Blues in Philly. You can find Genevieve teaching, announcing, dj-ing, promoting, organizing, and dancing with a level of joy she hopes is infectious. Her true loves include re-tellings of fairy tales, macaroni and cheese, and making art.
She is overjoyed to continue her role on the Blues Muse team this year as a core committee member, website manager, and PR coordinator. She loves her team and can't wait to dance with everyone in October!


Core Committee, Treasurer

Nick started blues dancing in 2015 and has been found smiling uncontrollably on the dance floor since then. He now teaches and organizes in the local Philly dance scene, and strives to make sure every newcomer receives the same warm welcome that he once did. Nick is excited to return for the third year on the organizing team for Blues Muse, bringing his love for tasty spreadsheets to his role as the event treasurer.  


Core Committee, Music Coordinator

Marjorie Bartell (she/they) has been social dancing Blues, Lindy Hop, and Balboa since 2016, and started DJing in 2019.  She is passionate about dance and music history, and loves seeking out new local bands and artists to support in the local Jazz and Blues communities.  You’ll often find her raving about some new show or movie on the internet, or nerding out about music or dance.


Venue Coordinator

Annie Valocchi (she/her) is a Philadelphia dancer but previously an Oberlin dancer, Italy dancer, Western Mass dancer, and Boston dancer. She is very excited to be coming out of dance organizing retirement to work on the Blues Muse team this year as the Venue Coordinator. When not dancing or venue assessing she enjoys translating poetry, drinking tea, and searching for gems at the thrift store.


Safer Spaces

Amara (Uh-MAIR-rah) wants to live in a world filled with music and dancing! Music has been a part of her life since she was little. Her dad, who was a wedding DJ, got her into music and singing. She discovered Blues Dancing in the summer of 2015, from a high school friend and it changed her life! 

As a Martial Artist and Criminal Justice Major, she aspires to protect and help people when they don't know where else to go and is one of Philadelphia's Powerhouse Blues Safer Spaces Coordinators. Having a safe environment where everyone can dance and enjoy themselves is her ultimate goal!

When she’s not dancing in Philly, you can find her hanging out with her family, playing Table Top Games or Recording her Podcasts. ASK HER TO DANCE! She tries to dance with everyone, but there isn't enough time in the day!
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Safer Spaces

Fen Kennedy has been Blues dancing for over a decade, and has held staff roles at Mezzjelly Blues, Express Track Blues, The Blues Experiment, Big Damn Blues Jam, Blues Muse and more. They are thrilled to be returning to Muse for their first event post-pandemic, and can't wait to dance.


Volunteer Coordinator

Jesse first started dancing Blues and Lindy Hop in 2017, and fell deeply in love with blues after attending Steel City Blues the following year. When he was in Buffalo, there was no blues scene to be found; and so, he started a scene himself to get his fix and share his love of the dance with those around him. Mid-Pandemic, he landed in the DC area and has been bringing his passion and knowledge of Blues to others again. Jesse enjoys all that blues has to offer, but holds a special place in his heart for a comfy close embrace. If you want to find Jesse on the dance floor, it's easy: just look up!
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Safer Spaces

Kate has been partner dancing since 2009, starting with the Argentine tango (which she has performed for Pope Francis!).  She is passionate about dance as an art form and social dance, with its creativity, connection, musicality and community.  Kate was led into blues dance 2+ years ago by one of her daughters and is now solidly grounded in the Philadelphia blues dance community as a Safer Spaces Coordinator for Powerhouse Blues and for Blues Muse.  She’s committed to maintaining safe and welcoming dance space at Blues Muse and asks everyone to: become familiar with the Blues Muse Safe Space Policy, to have a blast at Blues Muse and to save her dance!


Food Coordinator

She loves volunteering, organizing, and traveling to events & is thrilled to be a part of the Muse team!
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Food Assistant

Kelsey (she/they) has been dancing blues and attending social dance events since 2015. She found her way into organizing as part of the Sweet Molasses Blues team in 2019, and is very excited to be working with the Blues Muse team in this post-pandemic world! Outside of the dance scene, you can find her mixing up cocktails, painting, or sprawling across surfaces with her two cats.


Competition Coordinator

The Man. 
The Myth.
The Mustache.

After these long years of Quarantine, much has changed for him, as it has for us all... After nearly a decade in the #MidwestIsBest brigade, he now finds himself in Oakland, CA where he can be found enjoying long walks on the beach, sunsets over the bay, getting a little sunburnt, and cheering #WestCoastBestCoast at every opportunity. Instilled with a passion for [healthy] competition from a young age, he's excited to make the leap from Competitor to Coordinator! 


Transportation Coordinator

Mike is definitively not 8 raccoons in human clothing whose plan to sneak into Temple's dining hall in 2005 has spun horribly out of control.
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Master of Ceremonies

Oh snap, what up? It's Steven Fox! Steve (he/him) has been dancing Lindy Hop and Blues regularly since 2015 and 2017, respectively. 

He's a big fan of cultivating the local community and making folks feel welcomed to the scene the same way he was when he started. 

When he's not dancing or DJing he can usually be found practicing Karate, playing piano, or singing. Or, most likely, trying to 100% yet another video game



Housing Coordinator

Tyler is a tired grad student who started dancing when they were a less tired undergrad in 2015. They fell in love with the Philly blues scene after a lovely summer eve at Powerhouse that concluded with sleeping on the bean bag of someone they had just met.


Now, they’re passionate about making dance more accessible by finding people housing arrangements that are hopefully more comfortable than a beanbag. Along with the dance community, Tyler obsessively loves rock climbing, manga, and climate justice. The dance community is their home, and they want everyone to be accommodated in it.



VIP Coordinator

Yash Bhosale (he/him) started dancing Blues, Lindy Hop, and Balboa in 2018, and started organizing in the community soon thereafter.  He is passionate about the dance as well as the ways that we can use the dance to build community and bring good into the world. These days he spends most of his time organizing (dance events), practicing (dance), traveling (for dance), and playing (video games).
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