Class Leveling

Classes at Muse will include a mixture of one and a half hour long leveled intensives and one hour long electives. The intensives will allow for deep dives into exciting topics, including expanding your creativity within idiom dances. The electives will allow you to explore broad topics and learn with participants of all levels, a core value of Muse.


Our level descriptions are below. We encourage you to look through them and self-select your desired level. If you self-identify with levels 1 to 3, you do not have to audition to take intensive classes in your level. If you self-identify as level 4 or 5 you must attend auditions first thing on Saturday morning in order to be placed in those levels and attend those intensives.

Level 1

This level is great for dancers who are new to blues (think one year or less experience). Maybe you are still working on getting comfortable dancing within blues aesthetic. You may also need more blues vocabulary (solo and partnered) to start making your own movement choices, or want introductions to different blues idioms. This track will help you find your dancing voice, as well as hear and respond to your partner. This is a great track if you are looking to practice expressing yourself while leading/following clearly at the same time.

Level 2

This level is designed for people who are getting the hang of blues, but who need more ideas on how to dance creatively. This level is great if you need some help distinguishing between your ballroomin' and jukin' movement, if you would like to learn more about idiom dances, and if you do not feel comfortable dancing solo for an entire song. This track will help you find your dancing voice, as well as hear and respond to your partner. 

Level 3

This level is targeted for people who are experienced blues dancers. A solid leader and/or follower, you are probably a pretty good solo dancer- you're definitely able to dance solo for a song without running out of steam. You are often in high-level classes, and confidently dance differntly to jukin' and ballroomin'. Often, you may get feedback about needing to really solidify your voice, push your blues aesthetic to be stronger, or improve your composition.  

Level 4 (by audition only)

This is also a high-level track, for people who take learning very seriously. This level is designed for people who are scene leaders, who are constantly taking workshops (and very possibly teaching them), and who have a very strong practice ethic. If you have a strong sense of yourself as a dancer, and have excellent technique, Level 4 may be for you. You understand jukin' and ballroomin', and have an excellent grasp of solo vocabulary and movement. This track will be limited to roughly 15 leaders and 15 followers, by audition. Students who audition should plan to attend most or all classes during the weekend.

Level 5 (by audition only)

This level is for high level dancers who take learning very seriously. This level is geared to dancers who not only have many years of dancing under their belts, but who also regularly place in the top track of other auditioned blues events like BluesGeek. This track will be limited to roughly the top 12 leaders and 12 followers at the event, by audition. When there are no Level 5 classes, these dancers will join Level 4. Dancers who audition should plan to attend all of the intensives during the weekend.