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October 14th, 15th and 16th, 2022
Philadelphia, PA

The Event You Know and Love
Three Nights of Live Music
Two Days of Classes
One Way (of many) To Reconnect


Blues Muse is an event that is dedicated to partnership above all else. From our early years championing follower voice and creativity, we have grown to become the event to be at to hone your partnership skills, flex your creativity, and engage in deep learning about the techniques and theories around connection.  Blues Muse actively values warmth, friendliness, geekery, and silliness. All these values feed our passionate love of blues dancing and the particular joys of leading and following.


This year, we invite you to come back to blues. Without ignoring the global pandemic we hope to create a haven where you can reconnect to yourself, your dancing, and your dance partners.


Stay tuned for more info!

We believe Black Lives Matter. We have a zero tolerance policy for any harassment against marginalized people. We will support anyone who calls out racism, refuses dances with racists, or otherwise refuses to accommodate racists.

Please see our Safer Spaces Policy for more information.

Blues Muse 2022


Blues Muse_Banner_20220606.jpg

Blues Muse will be in-person this year!

Given the information currently available to us regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Monkeypox Outbreak the core committee has decided to host our event in-person with certain precautions in place. We will be consulting with public health savvy individuals and determining how to gatherer safely come October, please check back for updates and we will try to be as transparent as possible during this process.

We've been anxiously awaiting our chance to dance with you again. Classes at Muse will include a mixture of leveled classes and all-level electives that you can approach from where ever you are in your dance journey. We hope to ease everyone back into workshop weekends and challenge you to gently engage in growing your partnerships. Leveled classes will focus on expanding your understanding of your dance role and how to build a dance with the music and your partner. Our electives will allow you to explore topics and learn with participants of all levels, a core value of Muse.


In addition to learning we also love letting loose on the dance floor. That’s why Blues Muse 2022 will have three nights of dancing to fabulous live and DJ'd music. And don't forget that we'll be re-engaging in THE BATTLE, a brief choreo piece that will help you shake off the rust!


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