The Battle


September 1st at midnight EDT: Deadline to Register for the Battle
September 6th to 12th: Synchronous review sessions
September 18th at Midnight EDT: Video Submissions Due

This Year Featuring More Teams! 

The Battle, a long-standing tradition, is usually a chance for all the participants of Blues Muse to divide into teams, learn a simple-but-wonderful routine, and perform it together.

This year's Battle is going to be big, with not 1, not 2, but 5 teams! Inspired by the amazing video collaborations both inside our blues dance scene (shout out to Signifyin' Blues #onlinebluescomp and The Blues Room Worldwide Solo Routine) and videos from the greater dance world celebrating Black excellence (like these Don't Rush challenge videos), Blues Muse's 2020 Battle will feature choreography from five of our instructors. Each team will learn ~1 minute of choreography through recorded videos and an optional practice session with your team leader during the first full week of September. Then, you'll have a few weeks to record yourself dancing your section and send it in to us. We'll premiere the Battle video, featuring all participants, during Blues Muse weekend! You won't see the full choreography until the premiere, and that's part of the fun.


This year’s team leaders include Mike Legenthal, Grey Armstrong, Julie Brown, Ruth Evelyn, and Dan Repsch!