The Clio pass is our subsidized pass price and will be available until registration closes, passes at this level allow community members with limited finacial means to attend our event. If you can afford to we ask that you consider purchasing our higher level passes in order to support these subsidized passes. If this pass price is still prohibitive for you do not hesitate to reach out to us at or check out our scholarships page, if you plan to apply for a scholarship wait to purchase a Clio pass until we respond to your application. 


This year Blues Muse is offering sliding scale pass prices! We need your help to make this event financially accessible for everyone. If you can pay a bit more, your generosity will be paid forward to those who self-select our Clio Subsidized pass and those applying for our scholarship. Please consider paying the highest price that you can afford for Blues Muse 2020. Dancers who are able to purchase a Euterpe Community Supporter or Calliope Super Community Supporter pass will be our muses and open the door for others to come dance with us!

Clio Full Weekend Pass

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